Fit-Centive’ Personal Training

The College of San Mateo Athletic Center’s Personal Trainers apply science based, integrated logic to personalized programs designed to meet your specific health, wellness, physical and sports performance goals.

The Fit-Centive’ program begins with careful planning developed by your trainer and based upon goals and collaborative discovery of your potential. Your progress occurs from the first evaluation, with a collaborative review of intention based “session time,”  with the application of proven educational and guided exercise execution, delivered by your personal trainer.

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First-time client pricing open to all members! Get built in time for the new year with a Certified Personal Trainer for personalized fitness programming. Package purchases limit to 2 per person. Sessions expire 90 days after purchase. Package Discounts:

Personal Training/Pilates Package Discount

$600 per person

Two-on-One Package Discount

$450 per person

Interested? To purchase or for inquiries, visit the Fitness Desk or contact Fitness Operations Manager, Vaughn Boatner at

Why Fit-Centive’?

 …because your Incentive to BE more fit increases as YOUR hard work combined with science-based exercise are discovered in your results.

College of San Mateo Athletic Center Trainers are identified at Level I and Level II. We encourage you choose trainers who align with the complexity of your goals.

Level I Trainers

< 3 years in field
College Level Education
Nationally Recognized Certification
(General Fitness, Health & Wellness)

Level II Trainers

3+ years in field
College Level Education w/degree
Nationally Recognized Certification
Training Specialization Certification
(Distinctive Fitness, Health & Wellness)

Fitness Floor Staff

College of San Mateo Athletic Center Fitness Staff are all nationally Certified Trainers who have completed degrees or currently working towards degree completion.  They are available to assist you with the following:

  • Equipment instruction
  • Location of a specific type of equipment
  • “Spot” guidance and assist with heavier weight loads
  • Information regarding Personal Training, Group Exercise classes and the Pilates program.

Interested in Personal Training Sessions?

For information on pricing or inquiries, please contact Fitness Operations Manager Vaughn Boatner at to request a session.